Modern Team Sites and Site Collection Administrators

This is a brief solution to an issue I encountered while working on implementing Microsoft Teams in an Office 365 environment. When a “Team” is created, an Office 365 group, a shared OneNote notebook, a shared mailbox, and Sharepoint Modern Team Site are automatically created as well. However, even when the Team is created by a Global Office 365 Administrator, that Administrator is not the Site Collection Administrator for the generated Team Site.

This is expected behavior from Sharepoint, as the Site Owner and Site Collection Administrator roles are meant to be separate (the Site Owner being a normal employee while the Site Collection Administrator typically being a member of the IT department). The way to resolve this is:

  1. Install the Sharepoint Online PowerShell module
  2. Open the Sharepoint Management Shell
  3. Connect to your O365 Tenant
  4. Run this command for each site collection:

Set-SPOSite -Identity -Owner -NoWait

EDIT: I noticed that many of the Teams that I created as the Office 365 Global Administrator did not have this issue. I only encountered this sporadically.