Wyse Management Suite for Windows 10 IoT thin client deployments

Documentation and support for Wyse Management Suite is sparse, so I wanted to include some basic details I learned from deploying to a small-to-medium business environment.

Image Policies and Groups

In Wyse Management Suite (WMS), Groups are used to separate different thin client devices to apply different sets of Policies. These Policies determine what image is to be applied to the device, as well as any specific configuration instructions (removing access to Control Panel, setting a wallpaper, etc.). I’ll use the terms “image” and “image policy” interchangeably through this write-up, as the image policy in WMS is just a configuration package for the thin client disk image. In my current environment, there are three different models of Wyse thin clients in production: 5020, 5060, and 5070.

In order to apply the correct image to each model, the Groups should only contain those of the same model. Here is an example of the Group structure in my environment (bold text indicating top-level groups, bullet points indicating sub-groups):


  • 5020-Prod
  • 5060-Prod
  • 5070-Prod


  • 5020-Stage
  • 5060-Stage
  • 5070-Stage

Here’s an explanation as to why these specific sub-groups are necessary: WMS does not allow for a specific image policy to be chosen when attempting to image a single device. However, when choosing to apply an image across all devices in a group, WMS allows for a choice between image policies. In this environment’s repository, we have two images for each model: an image for the default standard image available from Dell Support, and a customized image created for the specific environment (pulled directly from a thin client).┬áThe custom image is necessary for production, as the standard Dell image includes a severely outdated version of Citrix Receiver, while the custom image was pulled with a current release version of Citrix Workspace (the successor to Receiver).

A problem I initially ran into was having two different image policies assigned to the same group, so when trying to image a thin client with our custom image, the default image would get flashed instead. I had no way to choose before starting the imaging job. Creating a sub-group specifically for the imaging process was the only way to choose the custom image.

Imaging a single device

  1. Make sure the device is in the correct group for the image you want to flash onto it.
  2. Go to Devices at the top
  3. Select the checkbox for the device and go to More Actions
  4. Select Upgrade ThinOS/WES Image

After a minute or so, a prompt will appear on the device and the imaging process will begin.