Citrix XenServer 7.6 – Adding to a Clustered Pool

Here are the steps for adding a new node to an existing clustered pool:

  1. Make sure all VMs on the existing clustered pool are in maintenance mode, as well as shut down.
  2. Disconnect the storage repository by right-clicking and selecting “Detach”. Be sure to check the “General” tab on the storage and that it shows the existing connections are broken.
  3. Disable clustering by right-clicking the cluster in XenServer, selecting Properties, and then uncheck “Clustering”
  4. Right-click the new node in XenCenter and select “Add to pool”
  5. Once added, make sure an IP is assigned to the cluster network interface, and attempt to ping another node in the network via the new node’s console in XenCenter.
  6. If the ping is successful, re-enable clustering.
  7. Reconnect the storage by right-clicking the storage repository and selecting “Repair”.